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>> . >> estos son los "titulares". >> james holmes es el hombre que atentó contra muchas personas en el cine, le tenemos el perfil del sospechoso y desde los Ángeles el efecto que esto ha tenido en quienes visitan las salas de cinesn todo el país. >> este es su noticiero univisión con lilia calderón y enrique acevedo. >> vamos a comenzar con el epicentro de la tragedia donde james holmes disparó contra las personas que estaban en un cine, 12 han muertos y más de 50 personas heridas, vamos con los detalles. >> buenas noches. >> buenas noches enrique y estamos frente al lugar donde ocurrió la tragedia y la policía no nos permite acercarnos más y aunque la verdad es que para muchos de ellos no olvidarán esto. >> quienes viven en colorado están tratando de ver por qué paso esto, en la conferencia de prensa de la policía no dio respuestas. >> (habla en inglés). >>eel papa jefe dijo que las cuatro armas las compró. >;> dijo que nunca había visto tanto arsenal, james holmes fue arrestado minutos después de la masacre, hirió a más de 70, 11 en estado critico y 12 mue
la tragedia donde ches. . james holmes disparó contra las personas que estaban en un cine, 12 han muertos y más de 50 personas heridas, vamos con los detalles. >> buenas noches. >> buenas noches enrique y estamos frente al lugar donde ocurrió la tragedia y la policía no nos permite acercarnos más y aunque la verdad es que para muchos de ellos no olvidarán esto. >> quienes viven en colorado están tratando de ver por qué paso esto, en la conferencia de prensa de la policía no dio respuestas. >> (habla en inglés). >>eel papa jefe dijo que las cuatro armas las compró. >;> dijo que nunca había visto tanto arsenal, james holmes fue arrestado minutos después de la masacre, hirió a más de 70, 11 en estado critico y 12 muertos. >> ella estaba con sus dos hijas. >> ella solo atino a correr, la niña se cayó pero ella la arresto hasta la puerta. >> entre ellos estaba este joven que se salvo. >> yo estaba en el piso, tratando de proteger a mi hermana y amigos, pero no los podía encontrar, todos querían salir. >> mientras se busca un motivo que busque dar motivo a quien no
shooting but they are confident the gunman acted alone. >> reporter: james holmes was arrested peacefully. >> police officers found thegonman in the back -- the gunman in the back of the theater. >> reporter: he was carrying a one ar-15, a remington 870 shotgun and two 40-caliber glock handguns. >> wearing the full armor. arm pads and leg pads. >> a helmet, a vest, tactical. places to put all kinds of gear and clips and it was bullet proof. >> reporter: police got a surprise. >> he had his hair painted red. he said he was the joker. >> reporter: in fact, some of the people in the theater believed he was part of the show. >> it was during a shoot out scene. >> reporter: he bought a ticket, left through an emergency door and properred itope -- propped it open and came back and opened fire. >> no one could see anything. >> i was terrified. i dove into the aisle and he started shooting people behind me. >> there was this one guy on all four crawling, there was a girl spitting up blood. >> i just got out and there was a moment where my daughter tripped tripped and i was dragging her. >> report
, james holmes, he is in police custody. we expect to see him for the first time monday for his first court appearance. let's stay on the suspect for right now. investigators are still waiting to get into his apartment. looking through the window they found an arsenal and they found booby-traps. our poppy harlow is at the complex. poppy, good morning to you. how long will it be until police can get into the apartment? do we know? >> we now have an answer to that. this just coming into nick valencia. frank is with the aurora police department, gary. he tells us that the fire department here, along with atf, will be returning to the residence of james holmes, right behind my right shoulder here, at around 7:00 a.m. local time. that's two hours from now, in colorado. it's not clear whether they're going to be allowed or plan to go into the apartment but they will come back here on scene. we will certainly be trying to talk to them. the reason with he don't know whether they will go in or not is because of how vexing, perplexing a situation this is. as i look at the apartment of james hol
of him in the courtroom. police say 24-year-old james holmes is the man who opened fire in a crowded theater in aurora, colorado. his victims saw him in bulletproof body armor. today they got quite a surprise. >> reporter: james holmes appeared dazed, confused and sometimes comatose in his first court appearance. james holmes did not say a word as the judge said he would be charged one week from today and that bail is out of the question. >> given the nature of the charges you are held on a no bond hold. >> reporter: he was arrested friday morning outside the movie theater where he killed 12 and wounded 58 others during the movie dark knight rises. he was in front of the theater when the gunman began shooting. the man he saw today has nothing in common with the cold blooded killer who appeared before him in body armor. the brother of the sportscaster killed, says he believes james holmes is putting on an act. >> this guy is nothing -- he is a coward and a genius. >> reporter: the father of another victim was at the hearing today. >> death. >> reporter: prosecutor's say it is too earl
. over the next weeks and month, we will hear more about suspected shooter james holmes. there will likely be court appearances, charges, and perhaps a trial. it will be holmes who makes headlines. a name you'll hear over and over. and usually it is the suspected killer that gets most of the attention. eric harris and dylanical icalk. anders behring breivik. today is the one-year anniversary of that mass killing. but names we should be hearing are those of the victims. we want to start this morning remembering those who lost their lives friday morning as told by the people they left behind. >> not surprising to me that his first thought would be her. that's what a man does. he protects his loved ones. i'm very proud of him. we're going to miss him. >> just a great kid. talented kid. very talented. a lot of gifts. made people laugh. always made people smile. gentle giant was the way we looked at him. >> the sweetest smile you've ever seen. and she got -- she got prettier as she grew older. in a blink of an eye, something happens, and -- completely changes everyone's life
: tonight we are live in aurora, colorado and james holmes dressed in a jail jumpsuit made his first appearance. he never out eared word. it was a strange scene inside the courtroom. for more on that, brandon from the aurora sentinel joins us. take me through it. >> what most people were struck by his of various colors, the orange hair, another shade of red on his pants. orange sandals it was a unique scene. once he sat down. he never opened his mouth. he never seemed to acknowledge anything. >> greta: did he seem to look around the courtroom? >> i don't think so. i think he had his eyes on the judge and that was about it. he didn't look at the victims or anything like that. >> greta: what about the victims in the courtroom. who were they if you know and was there reaction? >> there was a handful of families of the deceased. they were surrounded by several victims from around the state. they brought them in from various different agencies. there was one man who i assume was the father of deceased who was staring throughout the entire hearing. i don't think he took his eyes off for a
3 --ad lib--- shooting suspect identified -- 24 year old james holmes friday, july 20th. 3 power outages from last night's storms are causing some school closings this morning.classes at ccbc in dundalk are canceled today. 3 3 3 3 3 3 again... we're following breaking news at this hour out of aurora, colorado... where a massive shooting has taken place at a you can imagine ... the scene is chaotic... at one time we heard at least 15 dead... now we're hearing 12.--we learned the suspect's name just a short time ago --investigators say he is 24 year old james holmes--he's a colorado reeident((ááááad libááááá)) 3 just a couple hours ago -- a doctor talked to the media about the injured at her facility. ((oc: extremely worried about)) 3 about))worried about)) about)) ((áááad libááá))doctors say the age range of the victims is 3 months to 45 years old. ---witness thinks someone may have let the shooter into the buildinglisten to what he told reporters just a short time ago. ago.((oc: gunshots that took place)) place)) -a witness describes the 3scene scene ((.
: thank you. this is not a who done it. james holmes was arrested right outside the movie theater like he was waiting for the police. his apartment was rigged with explosives. evidence seems overwhelming. what strategy could defense be planning? michael cardoza is in san francisco an bernie and ted williams is in washington. let's say he is your client. where do you begin? >> you see him at jail. number two, very important, right out of block, you need to have a psychiatrist see him immediately. number three, you tell him from now on i'm doing the talking. don't open your mouth anymore. >> greta: what did you think looking at him on the video. what was your thoughts? >> my first thought was the joker from the movie. the way his hair is. that certainly will play into the defense because the only choice they have here is to enter a not guilty by reason of insanity plea. the first step here will be to see if he is able to stand trial can he help his trial counsel to prepare the trial? if he can they move forward, they enter the not guilty by reason of insanity plea and we go from there. >> g
about a shooting in aurora at that time. he asked if i was arlene holmes and if my son was james holmes, who lived in aurora, colorado. i answered, yes, you have the right person. i was referring to myself. i asked him to tell me why he was calling, and he me about a shooting in aurora. he asked for a comment. i told him i could not comment because i did not know if the person he was talking about was my son. and i would need to find out. thanks very much. i will be available if anyone has further questions. that's pretty much all i can comment on at the present time. >> [ inaudible question ] >> i'm sorry? [ inaudible ] >> yes, i've been asked to speak on behalf of the holmes family. i do not represent james holmes. it was someone through their church. i really can't comment on that. yes, yes. i can't comment on that. but the pastor there, i spoke with the pastor there. and it's amazing how much support they are getting from their church. it's a very good -- it's a very good thing, i think. no, i'm not going to comment on that now. at this point in time, they really want their privacy
. and suspected gunman james holmes. people who knew him are also speaking out now and a new photo posted on a sex website may be that of hole am with red hair there. we'll tell you how that could impact this investigation. the community gathers in prayer to remember the 12 lives lost in the tragedy and 38 in all injured. all right. that's where we begin. we're learning more about the victims. cnn's nick valencia is here with some of their stories. we understand the police department will be revealing a long list of all the victims. they haven't done that thus far. we're expecting that momentarily. but what can you tell us about the victims that we're learning more about? >> the list of those wounded and deceased will be released later on today at 2:00 p.m. press conference. we hope to get those names sooner. but cnn's been able to confirm half of those deceased. we'll start with the latest information we have. staff sergeant jesse chilledldr of california. his family notified late this morning at 1:00 a.m. of his passing. he was an active duty air force member. he was among four actually u.s. ser
, adultfriendfinder. police believe that this is james holmes, the suspect in the shooting. but investigators haven't been able to confirm that yet. sources did say that holmes had died his hair red before the attack. police and federal investigators are gathered at james holmes' apartment right now. they've been there for a couple of days. inside, they have been able to see booby traps. this place is rigged. a sophisticated and potentially deadly setup. and so far they have just been able to get a peek inside, but our poppy harlow has been bringing us some new details this morning. she's been speaking with law enforcement. poppy, how sophisticated do they say this setup is? >> reporter: very sophisticateed, relatively speaking, for someone who is not believed to be an expert this at this. they told me, a law enforcement official just told me this morning, randi, this is a unique situation. not something that they typically see. that he showed some expertise in setting this up. this was certainly not, quote, crude. what they also told me that was very disturbing is that the explosive devices found
ranging from three months old to 45 years old. he accused shooter, james holmes is in custody. >> we have more on what exactly happened. >> just moments ago the family of the suspect james holmes issued a statement saying their heart goes out of those involved. they also asked for their privacy at this time. we are learning more about the suspects, including that he is a student at the university of colorado medical school but withdrew last month. an aspiring sports journalist named jessica is the first person to be identified in this horrific incident. mayhem in a colorado movie theater. 24-year-old james holmes opened fire at a midnight screening of batman killing 12 people. images of the scene were captured on cell phones. according to witnesses james holmes dressed in all black wearing a gas mask and a bulletproof vest. he released some sort of gas then opened fire. >> i tried to help my friends get out. >> 12 people were killed, dozens of others ranging in age from three months to 45 years old were taken to area hospitals many in critical condition. >> anywhere from mild to severe i
evening. we begin with that bizarre scene in a colorado courtroom today. james holmes, the 24-year-old suspect, appearing in court just four days after he allegedly opened fire in a movie theater. the flame red hair, the dazed look. in the front row, parents and friends of the victims, studying his face. the father-in-law of one of the victims said he looked demonic. david muir has covered this story since the first bulletin and he he is outside the courtroom. david? >> reporter: as you know, so many families want to focus on the families, the victims here. but today, a community paused to stare down a gunman. >> the guards on the courthouse has the suspect came in. and a woman on crutches a couple arm in arm. and james holmes, his hair still died that comic book color. and his eyes, wide open. and a stunned expression. and struggling to keep them open to stay away. >> you have a right to -- >> reporter: also, was the suspect on medication. he went from one extreme to the other. his bulging eyes and his head dropping. we asked former fbi agent brad garrett to fill us in. >> he is i
spree in colorado. here's what we know right now. police are saying this man, 24- year-old james holmes, open fire inside of a movie theater. in all, 70 victims and 12 people who were killed. eyewitness news has complete coverage, we have the latest from aurora, colorado. >> reporter: well, the victims of this massacre have been identified and family members have been told if their loved ones were among those killed or wounded. at this hour, 24 people are still in the hospital, 11 in critical condition. candles flickered throughout the night for the victims in the theater sheeter. matt's fiance is on life support. >> it makes no sense. >> reporter: tom sullivan spent the day trying to find his son. >> we're looking for him. >> reporter: and then late friday night, the family was notified alex sullivan was killed. he was celebrating his 27th birthday with a midnight screening of the "dark knight rises," when this man, 24-year- old james holmes threw gas canisters into the theater and started shooting. >> at the time, i thought it was fireworks and then i was hit here. >> reporter: st
suspect has been confirmed as 24-year-old james holmes, but we now understand police and investigators on the scene of his apartment has figured out it's booby trapped. can you confirm that? >> this guy was methodical in his planning. about ten minutes ago, chief dan oates of the aurora police department said, quote, booby trapped. the third floor of this apartment unit is where this suspect lived, and on the third floor, they cannot enter that apartment because it is booby trapped. the chief said that it looks pretty sophisticated. that's his quote. the briefing was very quick, they would not answer any questions. there are fire trucks here surrounding this very generic-looking apartment complex. it's a very generic, unassuming apartment complex, but the police department dealing with an extraordinary circumstance now, a booby-trapped apartment. they won't say how it's booby trapped, but fire trucks are here with their ladders extended to the building, just in case they have to detonate things inside that apartment. >> we were watching that this morning. you mentioned the hook and lad
-year-old james holmes who has been identified as the shooting suspect at the movie massacre there in aurora, colorado. jeremy, confirm for us, too, the car, the vehicle that was parked behind the movie theater that is holmes' vehicle. he also said there were explosives in that but police have not confirmed they found anything like that in the vehicle, right? >> from what we heard in the early hours of this incident, we heard that he told police that there were possibly explosives in his car, but when they apprehended him and they have seized his vehicle from what we understand, there were no explosives in his car. but i'll tell you, around this apartment complex, i have never seen so much yellow police christmas tape criss cro-crossi neighborhood like this. this is quite amazing. they are taking this very slowly, methodically, delicately. police are crawling all over this neighborhood. they're going to take their time with this. at the same time, you got to think about this. there's all these possible explosives inside this apartment unit. they don't want to destroy any evid
:00 on the west. our first look at the movie theater massacre suspect since his arrest. james holmes facing a colorado judge this hour. live cameras in the courtroom. >>> penn state football escapes the so-called death penalty, but the punishment just handed down by the ncaa may be even worse. >>> and drew peterson goes on trial for the murder of his third wife while the disappearance of wife number four is still an open case. >>> we begin with a death penalty for penn state football, well, not so much, but this is definitely going to hurt. just this morning, the university got slapped with a massive penalty that will last for years to come. among the most brutal, a $60 million fine. a four-year post-season ban and a forfeit of all football wins since 1998. you know what that means? joe paterno loses his title as winningest coach in major college football history. all of this in the wake of that child sex abuse scandal involving former assistant football coach jerry sandusky. rumors of the massive fine trickled out on sunday, the same time paterno's iconic statue on campus was wrapped in pl
: the suspect, james holmes, will appear in court on monday. one big question for police, finding a motive for one of the worst mass shootings in u.s. history. adam housley is live on the scene for us in aurora, colorado. >> we might find more out about that admission of what he has done or what really drove him to do this, what's inside this apartment complex behind me. authorities said even if they find or even if he has told them before he got a lawyer, they won't tell us. they'll wait and do that in a court of law. you know they're getting at evidence inside. let me give you a look at what's happening inside. the ladder truck put its ladder down. that's significant because it means they no longer have to hoist anybody in. they can now walk in. they've been inside the apartment from james holmes now for three or four hours. they have an assessment team inside. what they're doing now is all the trip wires have been taken down. all the significant threats have been taken away. but there are still very delicate areas in the apartment. they're going through very tediously, very meticulous w
behind me. bullet casings were on my forehead. >> the suspect, james holmes was arrested. >> he was apprehended with three weapons in the car. >> according to one official, holmes told investigators he was the joker, a super villain in the batman movie. he looked like a deranged individual. he had his hair painted red. >> holmes told police his apartment was booby trapped. s.w.a.t. teams found flammable materials inside of the home. we're learning more about the ald gunman. abc news confirmed he purchased guns legally in the last few months and has a degree in neuroscience. >> and abc 7 news is in colorado to cover the tragedy in aurora. we'll hear from her live on abc 7 news at 5:00 and she'll tweet updates. >> and we know the name of one of the victims of the massacre. aspiring sportscaster went professionally by jessica redfield, an intern in a denver radio station. we'll have the heart breaking way the world found out about her death today. >> we're learning more about the gunman. he grew up in san diego and graduated with honors in uc riverside. >> he was in the process of
attended. >>> the accused gunman, 24-year-old james holmes will make his first court appearance tomorrow. this weekend bomb squads cleared his booby trapped apartment of all explosives. police say holmes left a trail of evidence in his home that is being sent to an fbi lab in virginia. they say the evidence suggests holmes may have been planning the attack for months. >>> before all of this aurora was known as a safe place to live. people who live near the suspect's apartment are feeling anything but safe right now. cnn's poppy harlow walked the neighborhood and found people shaken by their close brush with disaster. >> reporter: we don't know when we can go home. they said it could be tonight. it could be another couple of days. forced to evacuate following friday's shooting paul mcqueen is shaken, his children terrified. their apartment building right next to the suspected shooters. for those who live here forced to leave their home it has been a day of angst and questions. >> we need to render the area safe. the most immediate threat is the trip hour. we have been successful in defeat
back but the building where james holmes lived that is still cordoned off and still roped off and people will not be allowed to go back in there. just a short while ago, the police department here in aurora, colorado, said all of the materials that needed to be removed, the explosive and dangerous materials inside the apartment of the 24-year-old james holmes have, indeed, been removed so the heavy presence with the bomb technicians and those people have left the scene. what was described inside that apartment is extremely eerie. the police officer saying what holmes left behind in his apartment was a sophisticated trap design to seriously injure, if not kill someone, and they are not happy about it either. >> make no mistake, okay? this apartment was designed, i say based on everything i've seen, to kill whoever entered it, okay? and who was most likely to enter that location after he planned and executed this horrific crime? it was going to be a police officer. make no mistake about it what was going on there. if you think we are angry, we sure as hell are angry. >> reporter
a visibles dentro y fuera de los cines, y poner más atención en la película de batman, ya que james holmes abrió fuego en dicha película en colorado . >> siempre hay una preocupación sobre el imitador, que quiere hacer lo mismo, así que pondremos atencio . >> todo el mundo tiene miedo, con la situación que ocurre,actos de violencia pueden confundir a la comunidad . >> si tu dejas a la persona que ves todos los días, sin un brazo o que lo mataron, tu dices, cuando me toca a mi?. >> en montgomerry, aumentaron la vigilancia, de washington, . >> el sospechoso de la masacre vivio en salinas california . >> los padres de james holmes lamentan lo ocurrido, y piden respeto . >> vecinos de la familia holmes lamentan lo ocurrido, sobre todo a una familia tan buena . >> la vocera de la policía de san diego confirmo que era el padre de james holmes, toda la familia holmes, excepto el padre estaban en su casa, su corazón están con las familias de los afectados en la tragedia . >> vecinos se preguntaban, que paso?. >> Él era un niño bueno, que crecio en tranquilidad. >> ante esta tragedia, el
the mechanisms that he had put together, james holmes had put together to set off the stuff inside the apartment. once they did that, now they go in to each device that's individually there. what they're going to do is bring in a dump truck eventually and take out all those devices and put them in this dump truck can take them out to the east part of town and destroy them out there. then they'll go through a lot more investigative work inside his apartment, specifically. we know there was at least 30 home made grenades, but more than 30 bombs inside becauses there were a number of bottles of liquid and he had a bunch of different powders and things that if mixed together would cause a fire, basically. he was going to try to burn this place down, try to kill the person who opened the front door and that would set off a fire storm. that's with they believe he had tried to put in place and thankfully that did not happen. i want to show you other video we shot earlier today about the investigative work that's being donely. the atf, f.b.i. are both here, as well as local authorities. atf and f.b.i.
in the case. police here in aurora say that they've removed all hazards from james holmes' apartment, and some of the evacuated neighbors were actually allowed to return last night. but not before police carefully detonated some explosives. one neighbor said she nearly entered the apartment early friday morning when loud techno music started blaring. she tried yelling it holmes and noticed the door was unlocked but didn't open it. that may have saved kristin fonzie's life. she now knows the music was set to play while the suspected gunman was at the theater. police say had she entered the apartment she likely would have died. jim spellman is at the apartment complex where holmes lives this morning. you have new information on the investigation. i understand they questioned somebody else. >> reporter: that's right. overnight, multiple reports surfaced that there may be a potential second suspect in this case. aurora police wanted to knock that down pretty quick. they put out a statement saying, yes, they interviewed somebody they described as an associate of james holmes, the accused shooter in
massacre, and his first court appearance, and you saw it there live. he is james holmes. he went before a judge, and this is the first look at the suspect. since this shooting rampage that left 12 people dead and 58 wounded. it is the talk of the country. it is simply the talk and the story around the world. james holmes, and we saw and got a good look of what he looked like here and his hair was dyed bright red and orange and he sat quietly next to the attorney in the courtroom, and really a bizarre situation taking place there. i want to bring in a number of the players who have been following this. don lemon who has been outside of the courthouse. jim spellman, who has been in d inside of the courthouse. we will bring in our legal contributor paul callon out of new york and poppy harlan to talk more about the victims in the case. but don, i want to start off with you here, because we've seen for the first time what james holmes looks like, and it was really kind of bizarre and very disturbing as a lot of people took a look and saw the guy had very little emotion. at one point, it lo
accelerants left inside. the suspect, 24-year-old james holmes, will be spending tonight in a county jail in suburban denver. he's scheduled to appear in court monday morning. a couple of hours ago, police disclosed holmes received what they call a, quote, high volume of deliveries in recent months. they think that's how he amassed the huge amount of ammunition for his attacks. cnn's ed lavendera is just outside the holmes' apartment complex in aurora. and what are the police and the bomb squads doing right now? >> reporter: well, wolf, it's been a very active last few hours here in this neighborhood. that red brick building you see behind me just to the left of that white truck, that is the building where 24-year-old james holmes lived. and that was where the apartment was that was trapped. they've spent a great deal of time. you heard that explosion. that was deliberately set off by the bomb squad here to begin to try to begin the process of dismantling the trip wires and what they call a very sophisticated setup inside that apartment that could have been very deadly. b
believed to be behind the carnage will make his first appearance in court today. james holmes will likely face first degree murder charges. police say holmes spent months planning out his alleged rampage. gathering his arsenal, executing his plan and pulling the trigger with "calculation and deliberation." his court appearance will come just a few hours before his family is expected to break their silence, as well. let's get straight to don lemon who is just outside the courthouse where holmes will face a judge in half an hour. don, the first look at holmes since his arrest. >> it certainly will be. you know, it's even covering this story for days now, kyra. just hard to believe as you were reading about the suspect and what happened, yeah, the first time we'll get to see him. he has that red hair, as police say that he had when he was arrested. this is where he is now. they believe that is the arapahoe county detention center. he's going to be moved from this arapahoe detention center there is an underground tunnel and be brought right over here to the right to the arapahoe county courth
visit. >>> james holmes, the man suspected in that mass shooting in colorado, has been appointed a defense attorney. the 24-year-old is being held in a segregated cell without bond on suspicion of first degree murder in colorado. his first court date is scheduled for monday. meanwhile, the university of colorado says holmes has received federal grant money to study neuroscience. school leaders say he enrolled in the program last year but would not say why he was withdrawing. >>> holmes grew up in san diego, but spent part of his childhood in selinas. the family lived here for a few years around 1988. neighbors remember james as a quiet, nice boy who swam and played basketball with the other kids. >> he was a lot sweeter than a lot of the kids who wouldn't stop running at the pool. he played with a lot of the neighbor kids. a cute little sister. they were a simple family. >> she was a lifeguard at the pool and says she feels sorry for the family and for all of the victims of the tragedy. >>> as police and agents continue their investigation in colorado, we are beginning to learn m
, the suspected shooter, james holmes, will make his first court appearance in the courthouse that is right behind me. he's being held in the ajas ent jail in isolation in connection with the killings. he faces first degree murder charges, an offense that could carry a possible death penalty process. he spent months planning the rampage. so far we know of no motive. officers say right now he is not cooperating. this as the people of aurora are coming together and remembering the victims and trying to move forward. last night thousands attended a prayer vigil to honor those touched by the violence and to remember the lives lost. earlier president obama met with survivors and families of those killed. here he is with 2002 young women who survived the shooting after meeting with them he spoke about justice for the victims. >> although the perpetrator of this evil act has received a lot of attention over the last couple of days, that attention will fade away. and in the end, after he has felt the full force of our justice system, what will be remembered are the good people who are impacted by this tra
on in our program. still ahead on "starting point," the owner of a gun range that james holmes trialed tried to access to, why he had a strange feeling about the gunman. and what would cause a person to do something so evil and so atrocious? i'll speak with a clinical psychologist about any possible warning signs. you're watching "starting point." we're back in just a moment. >> it's not surprising to me, his first thought would be her. that's what a man does. he protects his loved ones. i'm very proud of him. we're going to miss him. t about? neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair. its retinol formula visibly reduces wrinkles in one week. why wait if you don't have to. neutrogena®. the lines, the cost, the hassle. ♪ express yourself [ female announcer ] why not try coffee-mate? with over 25 delicious flavors for a fraction of the cost of the coffee house. add your flavor, with coffee-mate, from nestle. add your flavor, according to ford, the works fuel saver package could literally pay for itself. jim twitchel is this true? yes it's true. how is this possible? proper tire inflation, by
for right now. the suspect, james holmes, has been arrested. police believe he acted alone and his motive right now is unknown. tonight, authorities in colorado are trying to piece the puzzle together and we are learning new details about what led up to the tragic event. tom fitzgerald has been tracking the information and he has the latest from the newsroom. tom. >> that motive is the big question tonight in aurora, colorado, where federal local officials are still trying to get to the bottom of exactly what motivated this massacre. the suspect surrendered to authorities where this all unfolded and as this day has gone on, there were just more questions about what fueled this attack. >> it was shortly after midnight when dispatchers started sending police to a packed colorado theater. a man was shooting into the audience. >> units getting into the scene now. somebody actively shooting. >> it all started when the alleged gunman, 24-year-old james holmes, went to the front of the theater and let loose a gas canister. some believed it was a stunt for the film and gunfire rang out
but his demeanor caught everyone's attention. james holmes sat glassy eyed looking bewilderebewildered. >> reporter: good morning. suspect james holmes is back in s solitaire confinement this morning. his family is standing by him and they're concerned about the death penalty. investigators for james holmes defense team are scheduled to be inside the century 16 theater today looking for any evidence they can find which could help defend their client. on monday, holmes appeared in court for the first time for a preliminary hearing. his hair was dyed orange red and he had a dazed look as a judge advised him about his rights and his alleged crime. >> you committed the offense of first-degree murder which is a class 1 felony under colorado law. >> reporter: some of the victim's families were inside the room including ian sullivan, the father of veronica moser-sullivan. david waited outside of the courtroom. his son was shot in the head and is in critical condition. >> to feel the pain in there makes you more angry about this man that decided to take everybody's life. >> reporter: prosecuto
are dead. there are at least 40 people in critical condition. a 24 year-old, james holmes is and police custody. sadly, this is the proximity thof columbine, tragedy. nine people are listed in critical condition. with reports of a three-month old is in sight of that theater. some of these victims ranged in age from just three months old. the screening of the batman movie, 'the dark knight rises'. the shooter is in custody they believe that he was the only person involved in this attack. a smoke dough ithe vicdevice. >> and one person said that my friend was shot. and i said, what? and we ran down to his house and and i am here. i am not going to go to work because it is irrelevant. i want to make sure that near my friend's side. it is irrelevant if i have to go to work. >> it is disgusting. and i am a firm believer and god and all i can do is pray. >> the search brought a handgun as they searched his a vehicle. this is ski police chief. this is the police chief. >> we have a least 10 victims in the theater. and we do know that people have died at area hospitals. >> we continue to follow
the process of coming back. the building where james holmes lived is still cordoned off and people will not be allowed to go back in there. a short while ago, the police department said all of the materials that needed to be removed and the explosive and dangerous materials in the apartment of the 24-year-old james holmes have been removed. the heavy presence with all the bomb tech anythings anicians ha at the scene. what is in that apartment is eerie. the police chief here saying what he said james holmes left behind was a sophisticated trap design to seriously injury if not kill someone and they are not happy about it either. >> make no mistake. this apartment was designed, i say, based on everything i have seen, to kill whoever entered it. okay? who was most likely to enter that location after he planned and executed this horrific crime. it was going to be a police officer, okay? make no mistake what was going on. if you think we are angry, we sure as hell are angry. >> they talked about a trip wire along the front door to the apartment that if anyone had unsuspectingly opened t
to think for the neighbor who lives below james holmes in that apartment. some of my colleagues spoke with the person who lives right below him and said at some point, the night before, all of that loud music, that she had actually gone in there and opened up the door. so imagine just how much worse this could have been had that happened. those authorities have been nearly 36 hours cleaning out that apartment. >> just think if the suspect had made some sort of miss take when he was having the stuff delivered and putting it together. and large, i mean large volumes of delivers we were told by law enforcement over the last couple of months, ed. why? >> and this is one of the things that the police chief talked about. they shared a little bit of this yesterday. the work that had been done over the last few months. we learned from law enforcement officials, that the guns were purchased in several area gun stores here in the denver area. during the last three months, there was a great deal of ammunition. some say 6,000 rounds that james holmes purchased a and had delivered to him. they say
do have to get into james holmes' apartment. when they doll they'll finally recover some evidence, the important question, in understanding this, what happened to james holmes and what caused him to do what he allegedly did. it's easy enough to know what help was, a gifted student and all that, but how he became what he supposedly, reportedly, allegedly became, still just a suspect at this point. it won't be known until they start taking evidence and inventory of what's in his apartment and analyze us a thl. as i said, that will resume in about two hours. meantime, holmes is not talking to the cops, not cooperating at all. he's asked for an attorney and due for his first court appearance monday morning. >> he did identify himself at the joker at the outset. can you confirm those reports? >> reporter: that's what police have said and the observation was made by new york city police commissioner that that may be what he was attempting to prove, his identity for some reason, but i can't make that direct connection and i think it's a little risky at this point to do that. could that b
. first we'll go to adam housley just a block or so away from james holmes' apartment and you've been hearing the explosions there, tell us more. >> that's right, we're block or so from the apartment complex, step away and give you the vantage point. the hook and ladder truck is have taken individuals to the third story apartment where james holmes has booby trapped the place. the aurora police department say they've been successful so far on a number of things. they've had three explosions, the first two hours ago, sounded like you were far away from a fireworks display. e he ago was a loud bang and it was significant. you had everybody taking cover beforehand and then the explosion took place. we're told all three were significantly successful for the aurora police department or atf, for fbi, for the massive number of agencies out here dealing with this. what they had to do was basically find a starting point to get into this apartment. the entire apartment is booby trapped from floor to ceiling, there are wires all over the place and cook bottles filled with liquids and balloons w
that say gone but not forgotten. meanwhile, across town you have investigators at james holmes boobie trapped apartment where he had a more elaborate plan for violence. it was chaos inside of a packed movie theater after a heavily armed gunman threw grenades and started shooting. >> we have a number of people dead inside of the theater. >> reporter: aurora police refused to comment on reports that the suspect, 24-year-old james holmes, had his hair painted red and called himself the joker. police said he was dressed head to toe in body armor and wore a gas mask. the suspect pointed a gun directly at jennifer's face. >> i didn't know what to do. i crawled into the aisle and waited for him to go into the stairs. >> reporter: he fired an assault rifle, a shotgun and at least one handgun during the attack. some of the shots went through the walls into another theater. the man in a blood soaked shirt and a child in a batman costume were among hundreds who made it out alive. cor bon dates was sitting in the second row. >> i felt the caps from the bullet burn my leg. >> reporter: the univers
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